Last Steps

  • Knockback force on weap. collision with foe re-coded.
  • Changed floater behavior cycle from 9.0 to 4.5
  • Important: Inconsistent play area location coordinates on new game. Fix applied.
  • Reload by raising weapon / pointing weap. upwards on prim.pist. and Winch.rifl.
  • Winning Screen / Message / Sound. TEST.
  • Boss fight TEST
  • Boss winning / losing conditions check code and TEST.
  • drone base weight changed from 2.0 to 1.75
  • Triple check flockmanager errorlog (foes checking in / checking out of lists)
  • velocity on crash models (floater and drone) set to velocity x 3f
  • new spawn transforms for zone 9 and 10.
  • zone 9 objects: added prim.pistol and some sticks of dynamite.
  • YOU WON message added to winning game loop.
  • implemented: slow time on game over / game won.
  • changed line.407 in drone ai 0.1 * aim to 0.15 * aim. This controls the bullet pursue force.
  • changed pursue force on bullet 1–> 2
  • correct weight for crashing drones.
  • floaters no longer have an active AI on crash models.
  • TODO: listed foe objects are destroyed before removed from list. Causes error when losing game, while downing foe. FlockManager line 28 method has been recoded as conditional of existence gameObjects before destroying.
  • Boss foe should be set 2x higher health (?), after testing post game methods.
  • Message about winning and message about unlocking harder mode overlap.
  • Slow motion at lost game should be longer. Or teleport to start faster. Set to 6.6 in new method.
  • removed bloom from main cam pp.
  • game can no longer be won “in the eleventh hour”, after having lost the game.
  • removed attempt in PostProc. method at adding PostP. component to main cam if it didn’t exist.
  • changed height of pop up messages on won game.
  • Bug on the waterspraying effect of the cacti has been fixed.
  • “Go Forth” sign animation adjusted.
  • 4 Difficulty Modes implemented.
  • Points per foe adjusted by player mode.
  • Fix: no longer able to infinitely reload by keeping gun pointed upwards.
  • Intro sequence / splash screen: added sound.
  • Added instructional sign on opening scene.
  • Added quit application sign (shootable) on opening / main menu scene.
  • Added spatial/doppler sound to enemy bullets.
  • Seeking bullets on rifle: changed their behavior; change of speed and change of lifetime.
  • Bullet lifetime changed from 3.3 to 2.0
  • rifle bullet pursue force changed from 1.3 to 1.0
  • decreased rifle damage. Increased number of bullets per shot.
  • varying bullet speed on multi shot increased.
  • changed pursue delay on rifle to 0.06 (was 0.12)
  • removed quit sign on main menu scene
  • tested ultra hard mode. It is indeed ultra hard.
  • rearranged signs for choosing icon for highscore board.
  • new sound on splash being designed.
  • add: animation of slow flicker on main light intensity
  • main cam on main game level far clip raised from 3000 to 5000.
  • Main sunlight flicker animation speed raised to 200.
  • new splash music
  • removed overlapping physics colliders on icon signboards.
  • removed bug causing guns to catch fire and keep on burning.
  • bug: the otherwise brilliant VRTK framework has a bug, where grabbed items are dropped when steam vr overlay is turned on.
  • build 20: test for iconboards collisions;
  • raise volume on speech in start of game.
  • rechecked bullet pursue code. Raised maxAdd. Raised speed from 100 to 120.
  • PushBlocks. New feature put in game. Different difficulty for different modes.
  • Fixed walkers not always registering leaving the game through flockmanager script.
  • Fixed box-triggers pushing other objects than AI objects.
  • Drones adjust magazine size by mode.
  • Trying to adjust rotate speed to 2 for drones. (Was 1).
  • Added confused mode for AI’s.
  • Rifle is nerfed. Again.
  • Rifle reworked. Now it is: Fast. Hits hard.
  • Reprogrammed zone 6 spawn times.
  • Fixed bug on icon boards.
  • in-game “new game” sign redesigned
  • adjusted amount of obstacles to hide behind.
  • redesigned highscore zone.
  • adjusting ai lookrotate speed. 2–>4
  • f max dist 80 –> 45. max height 35 –> 20. s x 2
  • landscape detail paint, height,
  • bridge zone detail work.
  • clock zone detail work.
  • Much more zone detail work.
  • Much more terrain detail work.
  • floattowardstarget 12 –> 16.
  • Zone sign  text –> image.
  • drone lookrotate 4–> 8
  • new code: distant drone AI speed modifier.
  • drone slowdist. 111–> 65
  • f AI behavior adjusted.
  • foe now bullets hits grav objects, like player bullets do.
  • build 23. test.
  • ….—> build 37
  • fix: signpost on “chosen one” now has text again.
  • fixed placement of a couple of signposts.
  • fixed no reloading on main menu / loading scene.
  • removed quit app signpost on main menu / loading scene.
  • new splash screen musical theme.


  • new 3d model of prickly pear
  • adjustment of title position calculation
  • shields on drones (h35+)

updated project to Unity 2018.2.9f1
updated Oculus framework
removed autobullet code on guns.
removed vrtk_tft_demoevents.cs
updated steamvr plugin
fixed namespace errors in VRTK and in own code for using UnityVR
reimported: steamvr and oculus integration plugins.
copy over all files in unzipped vrtk github master to root
copy over all files in unzipped steamvr unity plugin github master
open project
update project.
move steamVR folder to Plugins folder
move SteamVR_Input folder to Plugins folder
move VRTK folder to Plugins folder
double scripts deleted (OSPNative/x86_64/*)
–> no compile errors.
imported ProBuilder tool to unity + code update.
PHYSICSMANAGER default solver iterations 6 –> 3
TIMEMANAGER fixed timestep 0.02 –> 0.05
TIMEMANAGER Max particle timestep 0.05 –> 0.1
ufo spotlight beam mesh + ufo mesh : no shadows recieve + no shadow cast
ufo beam mat : transparent –> opaque
all layers and tags are gone. opening zipped backup to restore.
built four new large rock models.
reimporting steamvr because of compilation errors (can’t find steamVR).
—> fresh project works. dd does not.
copying old vrtk and steamvr folders over instead of using the newest stuff.
—> trying old steamvr and new vrtk
—> also adding old version of ovr oculusplatform and ospnative folders.
PHYSICSMANAGER default solver iterations 7 –> 3
TIMEMANAGER fixed timestep 0.02 –> 0.05
TIMEMANAGER Max particle timestep 0.05 –> 0.1
setting objects to static
settting scene environment reflection resolution 1024 —> 512
saving project
directional mode : directional
lightmap size 512 –> 1024
final gather : on
ambient oc. : on
padding 2 —> 4
baking light
added point light in zone 0
moved handle position on the game’s primary pistol
prim.pist. trigger touch –> trigger press
prim.pist. tft_vr_gun script : disable when idle
winch. (as above)
umbrella disabled vrtk_interact_controller_appearance
umbrella added vrtk interact object appearance
reversed direction (x) of handles on umbrella
added autograb pistols to both hands / controllers
removed red arrow pointing at the two guns in first zone (0)
added back the “deprecated” interact controller appearance script.
rifle rigidbody drag 0.15 –> 0.3
solved controllers not hidden, by activating touch visibility hide contr on touch
switched audiosource from bigrock to timeline audiosource in zone 5
adding tooltips to game hack script. This is not applied in compiled game.
robot spider sphere coll. radius 0.5 –> 0.4
spider robot audio min/max dist changed 20/500
fog 0.005
vrtk steam vr eye far clipping 1000–>5000
special case for foe shot player hit : startcolor (special color on the particle effect, when player is hit)
Moved the rest of the boss death code lines inside the if statement. May clear up the odd behaviour of the unlock system.
unlock msg was set to in game obj. Now set to the prefab.
removed rigidbody from timeline animated rocks.
Menu scene: Wood texture quick fixup.
Menu scene: New models for signs.
Menu scene: detail terrain texture.
Menu scene:
outcomment ln.42 in postprocess method for main cam.
case sound vol. adjusted.
rearranged props etc in menu scene.
built and textured: large rock 6, 7 and 8
made behaviour update cycle frequency randomized
redesign zone 0
added point lights to shadow parts
music on off sign functionality restored.
spider expl. vol +20perc
new rocks added colliders
shadow work (light sources)
sign anim loop fixed
zone titles on actual signposts (not floating)
flasks restored sound.
case vol – 20 perc
can sound + 20 ,
removed points for barrel and such
built light probes for all zones
odd textured cacti adjusted