Snooble is our first game. Ad-free. In-app-free. Absolutely nonviolent.

It is available for iPad on Apple’s AppStore:



The coder is Thomas Felumb. The graphical artist and sound designer is Naja Scheel. A couple living in a small flat in Copenhagen, with their giant lab dog.

Peaceloving platformer with a loveable style. Drawn by pencil, and original music designed for each world, Snooble for ipad (age 3-5) is a wonderful game, made in the livingroom over one winter and one summer.

original artwork
original artwork

Snooble is a creature that lives on all the kisses that are lost, have fallen to the ground or have flown away. Wherever there is love, a Snooble may appear. You may already have a one living in your own home.

The game controls make use of some the fun interfacing possibilities the iPad has. By tilting the iPad from side to side, you control the movement. To fly you hold a finger pressed on the screen. And if you want to jump from the ground, you slide your finger on the screen.

The controls where made with consideration to facilitate developement of motorfunction in young children, an important phase of a child’s developement. This feature makes the game hard to figure out for children that have not reached the recommended age. And it makes the game a very fitting challenge for children in the right age, who will benefit from this game in their developement of neural control of motorfunction.

Furthermore, the game was designed to be a calming, soothing and pleasant experience.

The graphical style, handpainted, photographed and animated for the game gives a feeling of something real and human. It applies to the music and sounds as well. Everything was composed with focus on the experience the child has, when playing the game.

Intentionally, there is no sense of danger. Only exploration and adventure. You can not loose the game. You can take all the time in the world to win, but there is no “Game Over” in this platform game.

By developing only for iPad, it was possible to make use of the larger screen, the excellent sound and the accelerometer that are some of the features the device has.

MG_0047-850x400All sound is by Naja Scheel, who is an occupational therapist and a musician from the Royal Academy of Music, Copenhagen. She has a lifelong experience in composing and in editing sound. 

All graphics are high quality. First painted on paper watercolor. Then photographed and imported to a computer, where they where cut out as if it was real paper, and finally animated for the game. The result is a game with a feeling of paper and pen. It differs from the monochrome coloring of most artwork in 2D games, by having the fine details that come with watercolor and pencilwork.

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