iOS Patches and FREE GAMES! (for a limited time)

Snooble and Yolk are patched and available on Apple app store. Both games are made for the iPhone and the iPad.

Link to SNOOBLE on appstore

Snooble is a children’s game. Not only is the game itself very quiet. It is actually designed to calm your child. It’s a “no sugar” keep-the-child-busy product for parents needing a break.

Link to YOLK on appstore

Yolk is for the undedicated gamer wanting to game like there is no tomorrow. It’s a fast paced nonsensical chaotic game. If your lucky and skillful, you may win. Or not. Maybe you won’t even know if you won or not.

Both games will be available for free for a limited time, as part of a promotional campaign. Grab one while you can.