Screenshot from YOLK


YOLK is a TORTOISE FOR TEA game for iPhone and iPad. Cracking the shell is winning. Smashing into the ground is a sure way to turn into yolk and lose. Available on iTunes App Store. Read more →


Snooble Pairs update 1.0.2

Patch Notes, Snooble Pairs 1.0.2 – Fixed missing music. (Music was set as 3D sound, and was to far from audio listener). – Music mute button now have a purpose. – support for both 32 and 64 bit architecture. – from this update, the app only supports iOS 6.0 and up. Read more →


Snooble Pairs

Apple has finished reviewing the code for this little *free* memory game. “Snooble Pairs” was made over the course of five days or so, and was originally released with photographs instead of drawings, as the app Two For Tea (Android and iOS). Now it’s out on iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod).   NOTE: There will be an update as soon as… Read more →


Snooble Memory Game

I finished the memory game “Two For Tea” (link to App Store Page) and uploaded it. It was published just before this weekend. As a free game. And it will remain a free game. So just go ahead and download it! And now I’ve made another free memory game. It is basically the same, but with cartoon pictures drawn with color and… Read more →